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Liberator Forum Rules

Postby LiberatorMod » Thu Feb 01, 2018 3:25 pm

Welcome to Liberator Forum!
The purpose of this forum is to create an open discussion about our Adventure Bedroom Gear, the products we sell as well as general sex-positive and educational content.
Please take the time to read our rules and guidelines below!

You must be 18 years or older to read or participate in the Liberator Forum.

Illegal Postings
No pictures, stories or links featuring anyone under 18 may be posted. Bestiality, pedophilia (child porn) and child sex abuse is illegal and not allowed on our forum. All illegal activities, including illegal substances, is not allowed. No revenge porn. You accept full responsibility for what you post as we cannot be held liable for the activities of others on our sites, and will do our best to moderate and remove all illegal activity.

Duplicate postings
A moderator might link you to another thread/discussion in order to maintain the structure of the forum. Duplicate postings may be removed.

Bad Conduct
Threats, violence, hate speech (racism, rape jokes, sexist comments), hostility, stalking, and bullying will not be tolerated and will be cause for banning. Essentially you can speak your mind, but be nice and respectful.

Posting personal information of other members, or anyone that isn't you is prohibited. This includes (but isn't limited to) all phone numbers, personal addresses, email addresses, real names, employment info or anything we deem inappropriate.

We would love this to be a space where sex-positive and educational workshops, events and products can be shared. People who repeatedly post links to other commercial websites etc without actually contributing any content to this forum will be a cause for banning.

Please let us know ASAP if there are any posting that violates our community/forum guidelines.

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